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Maximizing the Value of 401k Plans and IRAs

There are many studies which show Americans unprepared for retirement while there are other studies which show Americans confident they will be able to retire in the manner they choose. Regardless of the evident contradiction, a 401k plan is the likely vehicle to be used for retirement purposes. Eventually when you retire, the money you have in your account will likely be moved to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA.

When you enroll in a 401k plan you put a percentage of each paycheck into the account. These contributions are placed into investment offered by your plan which you then select.

It is well known that fee inefficiency, lack of fund diversification, and dominate funds distort 401k plans. These distortions cost employers and employees significant dollars which reduce overall plan returns. Employers and employees both need to understand plan fees and expenses.

Until now there was no actual scientific way to determine the impact of fees, lack of diversification, and the distortions caused by dominate funds in 401k plan outcomes.

Now MoneyMattersUSA® has partnered with a company to offer a way to identify low fee replacements for high fee funds where the replacement funds do not significantly alter the risk/return profile offered to plan participants by the plan’s current offerings. The quantative methods used also help meet ERISA diversification requirements by evaluating how well rounded are the plans offerings. Fees are benchmarked. This process is not an opinion because it is based on what other plan providers charge within a radius of 100 miles of the employer’s location for plans of similar size and services.

401k Fiduciary Optimizer (401kFO) is a revolutionary platform that can save your plan tremendous amounts of money. 401kFO uses award winning science and an easy-to-learn interface to analyze a retirement plan, suggest savings and diversification improvements.

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At retirement or after leaving an employer you may wish to move your 401k balance into a IRA. To help solve the problem of to what should I move my account too, we have partnered with a company to determine a scientific way to answer that question.

The IRA Fiduciary Optimizer serves these key functions:

First, it creates a comprehensive report proving that I am acting in the investor’s best interest. The report considers fees, returns, risks, fiduciary best practices and services.

Second, the software enables us to model portfolio risk and align risk tolerance for the investor using the Portfolio Crash Testing module that is included with (watch video to the right)

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Our purpose is to help people determine a baseline for their longevity and to review their retirement planning.

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