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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people determine a baseline for their longevity and from that to review their retirement planning. By so doing, we can help people reach informed decisions consistent with their retirement desires. We provide “high end” planning “virtually” from anywhere using the most current technology we can meet with you anywhere.

When should you retire? When and in what order do you take income from various accounts. What are the tax implications of taking income from different accounts? How long a retirement should you be planning for… When do you take Social Security and why is that important?

Why are we Different?

Many firms offer financial planning and wealth management. Their focus is on the accumulation stage of asset growth. We stand out from a crowded field. We take pride in our work. We offer comprehensive planning including portfolio analysis with stress testing by scenario with Mont Carlo analysis. We also measure draw downs when the market drops, we can measure how much your portfolio will suffer. And how long it will take your positions to recover. Furthermore, we do a longevity analysis because we need to know how many years you will need income without running out of assets. We stress test retirement income strategies and products to see if that can do as promised. We review existing life insurance policies and long-term care policies.

Retainer Based

We charge a flat fee paid quarterly. Our initial fee is paid in two installments. We do not require assets to be managed by us. You may enjoy where your money is, but you may still need advice you can trust. Our clients like our planning without conflicted product advice.

We are flexible. Sometimes life intervenes and you just cannot fit the time in to do planning or you spend part of the year in a warmer climate. We have the latest technology and can provide you with the choice to meet with us virtually. You can be anywhere and if you have an Internet connection we can work together on your plan. We can coordinate and facilitate multiple people in different locations to work together as a team.

We work on your schedule and will meet when you are available to help you achieve success. We will meet after hours or during your lunch break whenever you are able to meet with us.

We have a Process which you can review on the Process tab. If you wish us to manage your money or purchase products from us, we can provide these to you, so they are in your best interest. See the BI (Best Interest) tab.

We provide you with access to our comprehensive planning software through a portal so you can see if you are meeting your goals and the milestone’s you need to reach to be successful.

Part of the plan helps you understand Social Security and health options because these are important parts of your plan as well as taxes in retirement which can be devastating to a plan unless you take them into account and plan on how to manage taxes.

Want to learn more? Schedule a virtual or in office complimentary consultation. We never charge for an initial meeting. See the Booking tab.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people determine a baseline for their longevity and to review their retirement planning.

Retainer Based

We charge a flat fee paid quarterly. Our initial fee is paid in two installments. We don't require assets to be managed by us.

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