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Our increasing longevity has created serious challenges to financial and retirement planning. New strategies and outcomes within the new framework of holistic thinking from the individual and family are now necessary.

In our video series, Fred Saide responds in a more complete way to questions he has received during seminars, workshops, radio broadcasts, and podcast queries. Here, Fred can more fully explore questions that are top of mind using the latest research from our leading academic centers. These scholars have no vested interest except in their research.

This gives us the opportunity to hear creditable information and insights delivered by the man who is often called a “financial genius” and “sage.”

Fred was interviewed on the Seth Greene Sharkpreneur podcast. A few of the topics covered:
  • How even small businesses need an exit strategy and a succession plan in place. The IRS and federal courts are looking closely at buy-sell agreement valuation clauses.
  • Why it’s important to have a detailed plan with action steps that can be implemented.
  • How risk tolerance changes over time for most people.
  • How risk capacity is not behavioral, it’s quantifiable, and why that’s important.
  • What it means to lose 35% from your portfolio, and why it’s a smaller issue than most people think.

Nothing is more important in retirement and financial planning than managing risk.

Fred Saide interview on CEO Chat on RVNTV.tv on HULU where Fred discusses why his process is based on a holistic view of each pre-post retiree and aimed at providing a strategy unique to each person that will successfully carry them through their retirement even a 40 year one without running out of money.


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Each weekly episode covers what is required to retire successfully and stay retired. Retirement is not a one size fits all. I focus on the three core considerations: longevity, certainty, and probability. I dig down each week to explore the components of the three categories indicated above. I also cover some of the overlooked issues such as taxes in retirement. the problem of frailty, health care costs and long tern care costs. I look at the estate planning , beneficiary directions, and effective strategies to produce income over one or two lifetimes and leaving a legacy. Each podcast takes questions from listeners of the live radio broadcast as I try to provide insight into the questions without providing advice to people I do not know.

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