Do you wonder how risky your investments are?

Find out right now by using our PCT (Portfolio Crash Test) and get your Score.

You may be shocked by what you find.

What does the PCT Score mean? The PCT Tool allows you to score risk in your portfolio.

  • Score is from 0 to 100
  • Evaluate drawdowns. What will happen based on probable scenarios. What would you have lost in 2008-like series of events?
  • What’s your upside? How much gain is there in your portfolio?
  • Uses forward looking metrics and not backward focused tools. Knowing where you are going is more important than knowing where you were.

Who should try this tool?

  • Anyone who wants to know how much risk they are taking? Is it more risk than expected? Is it less than is appropriate to meet your goals?
  • Anyone who wants to test out how a purchase will impact the risk in their portfolio?

Try it out by providing some basic information. You can score as many investment portfolios as you like.

Portfolio Crash Test

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